Why Should You Take Guided Tours to Havasu Falls


Havasu Falls (Havasupai Falls) is a first-class hiking destination as it features natural beauty and challenging trails like no other. It is best to invest a few days trekking to Havasu Falls and then spending time to camp out under the star-filled sky during evenings. Getting to Havasu Falls is tedious especially if you are a beginner or first-time guest to this popular scenic attraction.

The Havasu Falls is not the first thing that you think of when we talk about the Grand Canyon. And if you are planning to extend your stay at the Grand Canyon to uncover its other secrets, you need to add Havasu Falls as one of your top destinations.

A guided tour is best when visiting Havasu Falls. As it is one of the most regions of the Grand Canyon, you need to be in the company of an expert guide that will show you hiking trails that are not only safe, but challenging too. Along the way, a tour guide will point you to historical and cultural marvels as well as fantastic viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. It’s easy to be lost from a group of hikers, but with a tour guide, you will most assuredly reach your destination, no matter how far or how remote the region is.

There are many Havasu Falls packages that are being offered to guests planning to stay at Havasupai Indian Reservation for a few days. There are packages that include a seven-day tour not only of the five falls, but of other attractions inside the reserve and surrounding areas. There are also shorter 3 to 4 day packages for those who can’t stay a week in Havasupai.

When planning to hike and trek around Havasupai, guests are recommended to carry their own gear, but make sure that they are lightweight and compact too. It’s always best to visit the Indian Reservation during the months of March to May and September to October.